Bought Cytogainer


Hey, just wanted to let you all know I bought a product called cytogainer. If you’re interested in what it is, I posted a link in the weight gaining section.

If not, here is the link…

I’ll let you all know how it works out, and give you progress near mid-february. I’m a hard gainer; it takes a lot of work for me to gain weight, lol. So I’m going to use this product in conjuction with Opitmum whey 100 % protein. I know, I know, you only need a gram or something like that of protein per a pound of body weight, but so far, that has not worked. So I plan on taking two servings of this a day starting on Friday, and will only take 1-2 servings of the optimum whey protein per day. I’ll spread it out throughout the day. I’m hoping that by taking this, and maintaining a healthy diet, I’ll be able to achieve the results I’m looking for. I don’t eat junk food, not unless nutrigrain bars and chewy bars would be considered junk food, hmmm… But I eat those sparingly.

The only problem I have with the cytogainer is that it has creatine in it, but on the other hand, that may help me out. Anyways, it has 80 Grams of Carbs, 56 grams of protein, 5 grams of sugar, 4 grams of fiber, 3 grams of creatine, etc. Total: 620 Calories, 45 calories from fat. Flavor: Chocolate Malt. mmm, :roll: lol… I was going to get Nlarge2, but decided not to.

Stats: about 130ish, 5’9.75", so about 5’10, can throw 80 mph. I’m hoping the extra weight, while maintaing, and perfecting my mechanics even more will allow me to hit mid 80’s going into the season. Season starts in may here; I will keep you all updated on my progress.


you can check out this coo website my dad had showed me. It had a lot of neat tools including a protein calculator. Just like you I have a lot of trouble gaining weight. In this calculator you input your information and your goals you want to achieve such as gaining muscle or athletic performance and such. It then suggests a certain amount of protein intake you need each day to acheieve those goals. I found out I wasn’t anywhere near the amount of intake i should have been taking.


Well, at the start of my program, I got sick during christmas break and lost about 5 pounds… Since then, I’ve gone from 121 to now 130… My pitching coach really helped me out during this time! But, he’s been pretty busy lately, hence why I got the gym membership to workout. Plus, I have a hard time sleeping if I don’t workout on the days I’m supposed to. So yeah, social life is pretty much gone right now, but if I keep working hard, I think I can get to 145-150 by baseball season!

So, I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. I just got a gym membership, so I’ve kicked my training up to another level. I don’t have a workout partner right now, but these last 3 workouts have been awesome, and I’m quite pleased with how I’m performing in the gym! So, I’ll give you all an update in a few weeks.

Right now, here’s the routine,

Saturday I did legs since I had a 3 day trail membership to worlds gym… Lunges, Leg curls, leg extensions, squats-barbell-NOT machine, hack squats, calf work, ab work/lowerback, rotator cuff…

Back/bis-monday, tuesday-chest/tri/shoulder, wed-off, thursday-bis/forearms, friday-legs.

On monday, I did deadlift, bent over rows, lat pulldowns, seating rows, single arm rows, chinups, alternate curls, preacher curls, ab/lower back work, rotator cuff, pushups to failure with dumbells. Finished workout in about 50 minutes, worked my butt off, did the same thing tuesday-but that lasted about 1 hour 15 minutes… Saturday lasted about 50-55 minutes…At full intensity, let’s just say, these last 3 workouts have been the best workouts I’ve ever had…

Tuesday- Skull crusher-eazy bar, tricep kickbacks, tricep pulldows, overhead tricep extensions with dumbell, dips, decline/flat/incline bench press, dumbell press-flat, chest press-upper, and straight chess press, not sure what these exercises are called, but one of them also works the triceps, too… Lower abdominal work… rotator cuff…

Supplements I’m currently taking:

ON 100 % whey protein, Cytogainer, ON flaxseed oil soft gells, GNC MENS MEGA MEN, ON ZMA… Meal replacement-myoplex deluxe, I drink it at school with milk. And last, but not least, about 120 oz of water a day…