Boosting velosity

I forgot something else, since i throw sidearm is there any different things i can do to boost velosity that would be different form throwing up-top or 3/4?

You still need to do the same things as the 3/4 and over-the-top guys - good mechanics and timing. In particular, you need to get good hip and shoulder separation and delayed shoulder rotation. Being a sidewinder, you probably really “wind-up” and then unwind. You need to be careful you don’t open the shoulders up too soon. If you have trouble getting squared up at release, don’t “stay back” or try to slow down your upper body. Instead, try getting into foot strike quicker. You could also take your stride knee back a bit further. The idea is to make the adjustments with your lower body.

thanks for the advice,are there any different pitches that can be thrown that would hav different movement from throwing up-top right handed?

I am a submarine ptcher, but I throw only about 68 on average. I was wondering what you do already to try and improve your velocity. I’m just starting to lift, so if you could give me a little information then I would appreciate that. Also, do your pitches have a lot of movement? Is there anything you do to help you get that movement.

well, since you are just starting to lift I would recomend just balancing everything out, but try to hav so explosive lifts such as hand cleans and jump-up squats, as far as movement on my pitches it is all natural my two-seamer breaks way down and in and my 4-seam fastball breaks down and away i just keep the same grips as guys who come over the top so i would say they have good movement

i forgot could u post your height,weight and age

I’m 15, and i’m 5’ 11’’ 145lbs.

like i said before just focus on your over-all body conditioning do all the basic lifts and abs, you will be find and als o work on improving your mechanics that also leads to velocity increases