Boomas Update and Questions

Gday all. Its been a while since ive been on here and im in need of some help and advice.

Since the last time i havent grown (still 6’2") I have dropped a few pounds and built up a bit also. Ive dropped the knuckle ball as a main pitch. I have it there incase a hitter needs to see some thing new. Ive worked on spotting my fastball so my control has go up a bit. Im also throwing a little quicker then before. avg fastball at 79mph. My curveball has changed to an 11-5, im also having issues hitting the outside corner cleanly. But thats to work on in my own practice. btw, im an over hand or 11o’clock.

Now to the questions. I need help with my 2 seam fastball. Im gettign a different result each game. Sometimes it changes each inning. At the start of the game it generally drops 3-5 inches and i have near perfect control. In the 3rd dig it starts to cut in on the RHH then at the 5th it tails outside BAD im meaning 1 foot of movement. Now this changes each game when the changes happen. Is it my arm tiring or me losing focus?

Also i need help with my changeup. Ive been trying to work on its control and it still sprays. I throw a vulcan and its the thing i can control the best. I find the vulcan is thrown to fast. Ive been working on a straight change but it either hits the back net or bounces on the plate. Any advise i can get would be helpful.

Thanks in advance

Seems like your mechanics are breaking down either do to fatigue or loss of conscentration or both. The ball will cut if you are holding the outside of the ball and turning the heel of your hand forward. It will sink if you pronate your hand. Ask the catcher where the spin axis is and if it changes.

Never threw the vulcan change- hands where too small. If you were throwing a circle change, I would tell you to make sure your third finger was lined up with your thumb, Ian.

i had same type of “problem” if we can call it that way, mostly the ball would do same mouvement but would increase in mouvement every innings. This is something totally normal. It is well known that a sinkerballer gets better as the game goes on seeing he tires out a little bit and the slower the pitch goes (unless you start lobbing it 25 feet in the air) the more mouvement you get on your pitches. The mouvement isnt as sharp but batters are surprised by it anyway.

As for the vulcan change, I’m french-canadien so Eric Gagné is my boyhood idole, he was born about 10 minutes from my house. I know some people who knew him as kids and he comes visit them when he comes back to his old town. I will even probably get to see him this year. Anyway, they were showing an interview on him and he was talking about it. I don’t throw it and never tried it so i’m just telling you what he said,

before getting in the position he would hold the ball in a 2-seam position, then he would roll the ball so it gets in a 4-seam position while keeping his ring finger to the side. now he’s in the vulcan change position, (he throws it 4-seam) middle and ring finger spread apart, index finger really tucked to the side and pinky on the other side. he said when he throws it he plls down on the side with his middle finger and he throws it hard.

Cheers 4pie on the interview. I might have a try of that in my next pen. I normally throw it 2seam but this could workout better…or worse lol.

I know that the slow a pitch is the more movement it tends to get. But y the change in direction. I would love to have a foot movent in on the RHH itd be down right untouchable. But cos it moves away the hitter can read it easy.