i need some help on choosing a book or 2 good for pitching

tuff cuff is out of the question becuase it isnt in stock in any store in canada and its too expensive

any suggestions?

“Ball Four” by Jim Bouton

does any1 know about the book “the act of pitching” ?

What aspect of pitching are you wanting a book about? Tuff Cuff is a strength and conditioning book. The Act of Pitching is - I think - more about mechanics. I don’t know about Ball Four.

BTW, my personal opinion about Bagonzi is that he is very “old school” and I wouldn’t recommend him from a mechanics standpoint. But I’m assuming he hasn’t come out with anything new recently - I don’t claim to be up to date on his latest teachings. Just my opinion.

check that out and scroll thru the pages to see whats in the book

from mechanics to drills to explaining mechanics to how to throw all the different pitches to finger pressure to workout programs

everything about pitching

Well I must admit the table of contents for Bagonzi’s book looks decent. But my knowledge of him comes from some instructional video clips that are on the Internet and, based on those, I don’t care for what he teaches. Again, just my opinion.

As for books I’d recommend…

The Art and Science of Pitching - This is the latest book on mechanics by Tom House

The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Pitching - Been a while since I read this but I thought it was one of the better books out there at the time.

would u happen to know whats in this book besides mechanics?

same with the louisville book?[/url]

i got

“the act of pitching” by dr. [something]

yet to read it

il let u guys know how it is

this is a good book overall

only 82 pages into it out of like

268 or something

not a great resource for pitching mechanics… like roger said hes quite old school

good on explaining pitches tho… lots of info on the fastball, wuts most important, what to do if…

overall a good book so far