Boise State Vs. TCU

Wow, how about that Boise State, TCU game?

Gotta give props to Kevin for being one of the only ones on here to pick Boise State.

Boise State out played TCU they deserved to win, I’ll give any coach with balls enough to go for a fake punt credit. And yes good prediction Kevin. I wanted TCU but I can root for either team.

I still can’t beilieve my miami lost to wisconsin

I still cant believe Texas is playing in the title game after we almost dominated them in the Big 12 championship

Nebraska did give Texas a run; I’ve been told Nebraska is starting to build their program up again so it should be interesting to see them next year. Boise State is going to be extremely tough next year, their QB is only a sophomore and they’re only losing one player to the draft watch out for them.

Well kudos to Boise, they truly are the masters of the upset.

TCU should’ve known the fake punt was coming at some point, it is Boise after all, they are know for trickeration, I can’t believe coach Patterson let that happen, when you play Boise you have to be ready for that kind of stuff.

Anyone remember Boise State vs. Oklahoma? Yeah we all know Boise state are a bunch of snakes that will take every chance to take advantage of your unpreparedness or lack of mental toughness.

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good call Kevin I never saw it coming.