Bodyblade Pro vs. Shoulder Tube

Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a big difference (or any at all) between the bodyblade pro and the shoulder tube besides the pricing…Which is more beneficial for a advanced pitcher?

All the major league teams that used this type of training device used the bodyblade and nothing else. That’s what I recommend.

Also, the “bodyblade pro” is not as good as the regular version – it’s way too tough, in my opinion. All the pitchers in the Cubs organization (Kyle Farnsworth, and others) just used the regular bodyblade and the few “pro” versions we had just sat in the corner.

Go with the regular bodyblade. I’ve got a 9-exercise program for it that’ll kick your butt! (I’ll post it in the coming weeks here…)

Looking forward to the work out have a body blade and ready to roll

my bodyblade just came in, seems like a sweet way to vary up your shoulder work outs, how’s the 9 excercises coming along?

Is that bodyblade program still gonna be posted here in this message board or is it somewhere else on the site?

now witch bodyblade are you talking about? the CxT? and whats the workout for a pitcher? and how many days out of the week should it be done?