Body support

Ok I was wondering if any of you could help me with a question thats been wracking my brain. I have a really low stamina for pitching…40 pitches and then i gotta wait for my arm to hea; (usually 3 days)

I like to think alot about how i can do certain things. Like if i have a specific goal with my mechanics…how would i go about achiving them etc. It helps me alot. well last week i pitched on saturday maybe…5 batters…then i pitched monday…around 6 batters. That mondays pitching session it was in front of coaches in my school so i felt i couldnt back down even though my arm was still sore. After that session my hand was shaking because of my elbow hurting. Now obviously my lack of stamina is caused by me not pitching a whole often but i beleive another reason is the rest of my body.I have Pretty strong arms but my legs and abs arent that strong. Would my lack of stamina and my arm pains be caused by the rest of my body’s inability to “soften the damage”?

I wouldn’t say that it’s the body’s ability to soften the blow, but instead to handle the strain. What works throughouts a pitcher’s body is the velocity in each one of their pitches. Any person can just throw a ball over a plate but it takes a true pitcher to find the mechanics that make them comfortable to throw. No pitcher should ever just throw with their arm but instead be taught or teach themselves how to put their entire body into the throw, starting from the feet, up the legs, through the hips, up the sides, and into the shoulders and arms. Just work on your mechanics and make sure that you aren’t throwing with just your arm. When you follow through, help your arm decellerate for less strain by bending your back and having your chest over your stride knee by the time your pivot foot lands on the ground after delivery.

Following through can help alot because if you stop your arm from hitting your body ur using muscles each time in your arm and it can start straining your arm eventually leading to a sore arm