Body Octane

Well, I wanted to try something new, so I invested in some Body Octane from MAN Sports.

Absolutely impressed.

I just did upper body today, but I felt like I could have lifted for hours, and I woke up tired today.

Only had one serving, and that worked just fine.

The only negative thing is the price, in reality it’s not expensive for what you get, it’s that the ingredients are expensive.
If I like as much as I did after day 1, I will be making a bulk mix, for

The real test will no doubt be when I squat and olympic lift, but that will be on hold for a while.

Turns out I made the basketball team (2 sport athlete this year!).
Last day of tryouts I got a nasty ankle sprain.
If you would like to see a beautiful black and blue:

Still trying to heal that up, been 5 days, and I can’t jog on it at all. Doing PT as well.

are you still using it? I’ve tapered down on my doses, and have only been using 1 scoop on off days, and 2 scoops on workout days.

Also, how’s the injury coming along? Has it healed?

P.S. Good luck at basketball! I’ve been playing since age 4-5, man I love it, but it interferes with baseball training.

Yeah, healed up nicely, still can’t make as good of cuts as I would like to. And apparently it will swell up after hard use for up to a year.

It’s an interesting experience, I didn’t play basketball last year, so just getting back into it was something. And then going from a hardcore prep school to a public school with decent, but not dominant athletics provides a different feel as well.

I do not like how it interferes with baseball, but speed hurt me in baseball, and I have developed more speed which is great.

I will be setting up a catch net in a our bonus room which I’ll be able to do weighted ball throwing sessions whenever I have time during the day. (The key is I can throw when it is dark outside.)

As for body octane…

I’ve only used 1 scoop daily, and been happy with that. Trying to keep the cost down, cause at 2 scoops a day it isn’t cheap.

I am probably going to get some bulk ingredients:

By purchasing in semi-bulk you can save loads.

The flavor system doesn’t seem to be critical, and if the bulk ingredients have a bad after taste I may just add a touch of country time lemondade mix, or maybe some lemon juice.

I can get: (At a small bulk size of 100grams)
L-cartinine at 8 cents per serving equivalent of BodyOctane
Beta-alanine at 12.8 cents per serving equivalent
L-Histidine at 3.75 cents per serving equivalent
Citrulline Malate at 42 cents per serving equivalent

Making a grand total of 66.55 cents per serving.

In larger bulk I can get it even cheaper, although CM is the only one that yields a significant savings (more than 30% or so), and the other ingredients at as near large of doses so a bulk purchase would last almost to long for one person.

Citrulline Malate at 27.6 cents per serving equivalent (1 kilo order)