Bock and Rosin bag


I was on the bump in the stretch with the rubber engaged, but not at set. I blow into my hand to warm it up and I feels it gives me some grip on the ball and they call a bock onme…?? I can blow on my hand and wipe it off if I’m not engaged?

Rosin bag? What’s it for, pros, cons, precautions? Any and all info is good. I can leave it on the bump when I’m pitching?


It’s called a “balk”

Keep the rosin bag on the back side of the mound. Don’t use it while touching the rubber.


Balk :oops: , lol I knew that looked funny

Got it, don’t use rosin bag while engaged.

Can’t blow on hand while engaged?


Taking the hand to the mouth while engaged is a balk. However, if it’s cold out, and the team managers agree to allow it when they meet with the umpire before the game, then it can be allowed. (Not sure if this applies at all levels or just the younger levels.)


As I understand, if the weather is cold enough to freeze ice cream on the sidewalk—or on the playing field—most major league umpires will allow the pitcher to blow on his hand for a better grip. But stay away from the rosin bag! 8)


Once you toe to rubber the only thing you can do is 1)Come Set 2)Pickoff 3) Throw 4) Step Off anything else is a balk. If you want to blow on your hand, do it off the rubber.