Bob's pitching log

hey im just starting this log and i will be updating about 3 times a week. every time i have a game. Im 13 and the youngest pitcher on my senior league team. so far we are winless. 0-6.

Started against the best team in the league today. we lost as usual. i pitched 4 innings with 9 runs. about 2 or 3 of them were actually earned. our shortstop who usually doesn’t let a thing get by him had at least 6 errors. anyway after i came out our pitcher allowed 8 runs with 7 of them earned. everytime i pitched before this game i wasn’t using my legs enough, leading to arm pain in about the 2nd inning i pitched. today there was nothing at all i could have gone all 7 innings and then some.

pitching tommorow. this team is nowhere near as good as the last

sorry i didn’t post the outcome of thrusdays game earlier. we lost 9-2. pitched 3 innings with 3 K’s and 2 walks.

hang in there kid, it sucks being on a sucky team, especially when you don’t suck yourself

wow i haven’t updated in months. well anyway in a week or two my coach is starting intramural baseball practices(school says we cant have team practices till march 3rd). he said there will be a guy who knows alot about pitching. im guessing these practices for me will consist of semi long toss and bullpen work. my only problem will be that these are going to be right after basketball practices. about a half an hour between them, so i might be a little tired. hopefully ill be able to work on my mechanics and maybe learn a 1-7 power curve.

for a month now ive been doing kc’s bodyweight and dumbbell workouts ( to bad i dont have any time to go to a gym and do the freeweight workouts. its been working pretty well and has gotten alot easier that when i started it

was clocked today. my fastest was 74mph on the inside corner

was pitching in 30° temps. was throwing pretty good till i tried throwing my slider. my arm killed after a few attempts. after that i just threw some light tosses then went back to pitches. i started messing with a curve and it was working nice.

hey that’s pretty good for a 13 yr old, I was throwing mid 60s at that age.

i was throwing 60 last season but i did alot of strength training over the winter and changed my mechanics to involve my lower body more. my coach was telling me i was throwing low 70s im thinking theres no way i could have improved that much

was throwing some more today. the whole east coast apparently got soaked overnight, leaving the ground like a sponge. i went through all of the 10 baseballs i have from last year. after about and hour of throwing everything was waterlogged. seeing as i have 2lb baseballs ive been dry throwing inside. still trying to use my legs more. also been lifting and running all this week, trying to really get my strength up before tryouts on march 3rd. this year we have a new kid who is throwing pretty damn fast, from what i heard high 60s to 70. i doubt ill have any trouble making the team, seeing as i was one of the only 2 7th graders who started last year.

my coach had a meeting for the people trying out for the team. he says he doesnt care if your throwing 90 if your fooling around your off. he also says if your failing one class you have a poor chance at making it. im kinda worried because right now im failing history. hopefully ill be able to get my grade up in a few days.

was supposed to go to some conditioning/pitching practice tonight but school was closed because of snow. worked out a little and got all of my history work done :smiley:

so far all of the pitches i throw are a four seam, 2 seam, circle change, curve, and a great knuckleball. im thinking i should drop a fastball. my 4 seam is about 1-2mph faster than my 2 seam but my 2 seam has a late cutter-like break to it. im leaning towards dropping the 4 seam but that will lead to a harder time locating my 2 seam. any advice on which one i should keep?

why not keep both, if you dont have a straight fastball then your pitches will not be as effective but it is good to have a 2 seam a a different weapon

i was asking my dad what i should do and he said i should drop one of them. he knows what hes talking about as he was drafted by the reds out of highschool but was in a car accident that seriously injured his knee. ive listened to all of the things he said before and i think i turned into a pretty decent baseball player

a two seamer shouldnt have a late cutter like movement, its supposed to move the other way.

yea i know its just always broke that way, and might occasionaly break the right way with a arm action thats no different

i know what you mean my 2 seam does that as well