Bobble head

Morning lads, I’ve got a youngster who bobbles his head to the left making him open up his left shoulder too soon. His pitching arm comes in a very low arm slot dropping his pitching elbow under his shoulder line, that is big trouble because he’s stressing that elbow and as he drags the arm behind his body it stresses his shoulder too. I’m looking for a drill (if there’s any to correct this), last thing I’m trying is to stand by his side and try to keep his head from moving with my hand so he gets the feeling of throwing without moving his head, to stay centered, he does it well when it’s slow speed but at full speed he does it again.
He’s throwing in the 86-87 range and by fixing this I think he can get 2 mph just because he will have a more loose delivery ( correct me if I’m wrong)
Thanks for you attention.

Just to be clear, the head movement is causing your pitcher to open up early and drag the arm. And that’s is what’s putting more stress on the arm - not the low arm slot. Correct?

I believe the low arm slot is a consequence of all the movements described before, please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks,

Maybe the head tilting to the side results in a posture change that tilts the shoulders and that puts the elbow below the level of the shoulders.

In any case, it sounds to me like you do need to eliminate the head movement and get your pitcher to keep his head upright. Standing next to the pitcher and using your hand to position his head is fine. I believe I’ve actually done that once or twice before. Another option is to videotape the pitcher from the front or back so he can see the head movement. Many times, pitcers don’t think they’re really doing what the coach says they’re doing. Or, they don’t think they’re doing it to the extent the coach says. Letting them see themselves can often help them understand what you’re seeing and they will often make a big adjustment on their own.

In any case, it will take lots of repetitions to change that habit.

I agree, Thanks for the videotape tip.