Bob gibson and reggie jackson's book 60'6"

if you could sit on a couch and listen to 2 hall of famers talk about the battle between the pitcher and hitter and how hall of famers did it would you listen. that is exactly what this book is. i’m through the first 50 pages and it’s some great stuff. especially gibson on pitching. he describes what he is trying to do as jumping as hard as he could at the plate (so much for not pushing). he makes tons of sense just like koufax does in his book.

if you want to get better, this book is for students of the game

Going on the x-mas list :slight_smile: Good stuff.

Paul sometimes uses the cue “throw your hips” This seems pretty similar to what you’re saying gibson is describing

Gotta get that book. I have Stranger To The Game, which is Gibson’s autobiography, it is a great book. Chapter 8 tells about his approach, mechanics, etc. The book I have shows that Gibson was not a jerk, he was just competitive.