Blown out elbow

on my little brothers little league team there is a kid that has had elbow problems all year and last game he tried to throw a ball from first to home to win the game. He then collapsed to the ground after the throw and was crying and screaming out that he felt something pop in his elbow. What is it that would pop and is it the same thing as when people say they blew out their elbow? And has anyone heard of any serious elbow injuries in little league?

A “pop” is never a good sign.

How old is the kid? Does he play travel ball or in any other leagues besides Little League?

he is 10 years old and he hasn’t been able to pitch this season because he hurt it pitching at a camp at the begining of the season and last week was when he could finally start playing catch again which allowed him to play first base. he plays on a traveling team but hasn’t been able to pitch

Obviously only a Doctor could properly diagnose what is wrong with this 10 year old.

A popping sesation followed by immediate pain is likely either a tear in the UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) and/ or a fracture of the growth plate.
Both are becoming more prevalent in competative youth basebball. Those players on traveling teams and who play on multiple teams in multiple leagues are more suseptable to these injuries.

It is a myth that many coahes and parents have that young boys can not do serious damage to their arms at such a young age.