recently i watched Clay Hensley (SD Padres) and he had a blister on his middle finger. he started off good, but ended up giving up a few runs. (a couple wernt due to pitching, 2 fielding errors and a bad play on his part) is there a way to prevent blisters as much as possible?

I get blisters on both my pointing and index finger earlier in the season, but the usually turn into callases(is that how to spell it?) its all good during the middle and the end of the season.

That happened to me alot too and i started rubbing my finger tips on rocks not sharp ones but rough to develop calluses on my finger tips i wouldnt suggest it but thats what i do works for me :x

Depending on how much pressure you put on the ball with your fingers and where you place the ball in your hand sometimes it doesnt take long to develop blisters. For blisters you can keep a close eye on them and even change your grip on the baseball a little bit for immediate but not permanent ways to fix it. Once they develop into calluses to keep them from getting out of control you can take an emory board and in between outings you can sort of shave them down, though before you try this i would talk to a doctor or trainer because if you shave it down too much it could backfire and make your blister/callus worse.

If it gets to the point of calluses I wouldn’t worry. I get on on the tip of my index finger and can literally bite it off without feeling anything. Personally I like having the callus cause I won’t get a blister that hurts. And you look tough with calluses on your hands :wink: lol

yeah thats why i do what i do and i develop calluses on my tips so i wont get blisters… doesnt affect me while pitching so its goood! :lol:

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