Blisters from hitting

Does anyone know a way to prevent blisters and scabs after hitting. I feel like after each hitting session, whether I am wearing batting gloves or not, my hand always covered in blisters and scabs and it even made my thumb starting bleeding a little bit after doing some hitting at practice. I was wondering, does anyone know a way to prevent this kind of thing after hitting sessions? Thanks!

There are common traits that promote this:
(1) small hands with a bat that’s too heavy
(2) hands that loosen their grip, either because of the lack of concentration or weakness with the grip.
(3) the top hand takes the lead after the bat brakes the plane of the shoulders.
(4) the knuckles are so far off line to one another during the initial gripping of the bat, but during the swing they actually turn, therefore giving the hands a “wringing” motion on the handle.
(5) and finally, and the most common reason, the neck of the bat’s diameter is too small, thus the hands often overlap, and even a large space is viewed between the upper and lower hands with the grip…

All of these features will allow the bat to turn in the hands, thus causing friction.

If you’re using a wooden bat, a common after effect of making contact with the ball, is feeling the “BEE’S” in the hands. This term… the “BEE’S” is like a stinging sensation. When the bat is not held properly, and grain of the wood goes contrary to trademark during impact, the bat will actually vibrate so fast, all that vibration travels along the grain and right to the hands. Thus, a feeling of bee stings in the grip.


Where are these blisters? Are they inside the thumb and index finger notch of the top hand? The palm heel of the bottom hand? The base of the middle and ring fingers? It makes a difference.

I got one on the top side of my thumb (knuckles up) and two more on my palm right below my ring and pinky finger. I tried to mark where on my hand even though this photo doesn’t really show the blister on my thumb.

I always developed calluses there. If you use a batting glove, perhaps it’s too big and you are getting a bit of extra friction there. Remember, loose hands are fast hands. If you think there is a chance you are gripping the bat too tightly–you probably are gripping it too tightly. Trust your instincts. The blister at the top of your low thumb knuckle is due to improper top hand placement. Try getting the handle out into your top hand fingers more and giving your top hand palm heel the smallest amount of air space over that knuckle. I’m not saying separate your top and bottom hand. I want to be clear about that. Your hands will be touching everywhere except over that knuckle on your lower thumb. Give it a try.

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I’ve also started to develop blisters on the bottom of my thumb. Is this also due to improper hand placement or is this a pretty normal spot?

Which hand? Where on the bottom? I can’t think of blisters on the thumb other than the inside of the top hand thumb.

Still left hand. All my blisters are on my left hand. (I am righthanded by the way). Also, when I say top side I mean knuckles up side and when bottom side I mean my palm side.


The white spots mark the blisters I have plus the blister I have on the top side of my thumb. The one below my ring finger is gone now though.

I stand by my original comments regardless of what new blisters you see fit to develop. Friction from gripping too tight, too far into the palm, or friction from fabric of glove or bat grip tape, handle too thick, etc. I’m sure you can find the root cause if you think about it. I’d consider getting some calluses rather than blisters…just to mix it up a bit.

Ok thanks for the advice