I need a somthing for I guess a blister /sore spot on the inside part , toward the top of the middle finger. He never had this problem until a tournament they had some cheap balls with HIGH seams way above normal.
Does anyone know what JOSH BECKETT uses ? They mentioned it on TV the other night but I forgot already. Thanks,

i wouldnt use anything that Beckett uses for it since 6 of the 9 times he has been on the DL it has been for blisters :lol:

i used to have problems when the season would just be getting started. i started taking epsom salt and putting it in a bowl of warm/hot water and just rubbing my index and middle fingers against my thumb with some grains in the middle for about 30 minutes. after about a week or 10 days it would be tough.

in your case it also helps when the blister is already there.

the stuff is also great for soaking in the tub when you know you’re going to be sore the next day.

For short term purposes I use nail glue, the kind you mom or sister might have laying around the house to cover up the blister and or cut. I only do this for an immediate quick fix. For when you have a week or so I like the other guy’s idea.

might sound crazy, but crush up aspirin, mix it with red bull, apply it to the blister once in a while