Blister prevention

I had to take majority of the winter off from throwing because I was rehabbing a shoulder injury and they wouldn’t allow to do much throwing

so with the season started i’ve been getting my arm back in shape, been throwing alot of batting practice and then of course just the everyday stuff of taking groundballs and everything else…I can feel a blister is on its way on my index finger. Is there any type of cream or something that I can use to possibly make the skin heal faster?

I’m not sure about stuff to make the skin heal faster-
make sure you’re not gripping the ball to hard
(could cause blisters).

Here’s a product buy a former LA DODGER trainer. I don’t have any experience with it. Hopefully someone here does


Prior to the season I would actually try to create a blister on my middle finger ( where it contacts the seam for the slidepiece & curve ) so I could have it heal and develop a calluse, which helps protect against blisters over the course of the season. Just sit in front of the tv with a ball, and scratch the seam over that area…

Mom also had me soak my fingers in pickle juice … but then again she would blow cigarette smoke in my ear when I had an earache, so …

Nolan Ryan used to soak his fingers in pickle juice.

Of course you have heard of soaking your fingers in pickle juice right…old school, they say it works without a new product etc.

Honestly I have gotten terrible blisters and there is 1 home remedy I SWEAR BY! Don’t ask me who introduced this to me cuz I can’t remember. But get a dixie cup and fill it up with just enough red bull (has to be I dunno why?) to cover the bottom then crush 2 or 3 aspirin and put the mixture together. Swirl your finger in the mixture and make sure the “gunk” is on the affected area and let sit for 10 min. Do this 2-3x and your blister will harden 5x faster

there is a forum on it too…WORKS FOR ME :slight_smile: