Birch wood bats

i have heard that these are becoming better bats than maple. anyone use these and what ddi you think

I think you will find the performance of birch and maple bats to be relatively equal. Both have similar dry weights and densities. The maple may be a little more brittle or may shatter a little easier depending on how the bat is made, most importantly how thin the handle is.

Regardless, manufacturers of birch bats are trying to find a niche by declaring the maple bat “history”. To be sure the maple bat is attracting alot of attention because of its tendency to shatter in dangerous splinters. Maple is still IMO the hardest most potent wood bat but I would think birch would not be a noticable step down.

It’s tough with all the different bats these days. Alot easier when Louisville made the Slugger out of ash and that was pretty much it. And they were and still are great bats btw.

Go old school, maybe?