Biomechanics Lab Progress

Since I strongly prefer you guys to the posters in the other forums, I wanted to share this information with you :slight_smile:

Our control object has been painstakingly built and measured! This object gives the high-speed cameras a frame of reference as to what happens inside of it. Using reflective markers, we can then calculate the angular velocities and other kinematic/kinetic data of your elbow/shoulder/hip/center of mass/etc to compare it to “ideal” ranges.

Within two weeks we will have shot our first test footage of overhand throwing, and within a month we’ll have the prototype of the first privately-owned baseball biomechanics lab that was built from the ground up over 2 years with a DIY approach.

I look forward to sharing the results with everyone here and on my blog.

Looking good :smiley:

You built that all?!?!? :shock:

REally cool, might need to make a trip to Washington soon.

Are you qualified for this kind of work?

From what I can tell, kyleb, has an extensive knowledge of body mechanics and a solid foundation in workout design. I think that with solid understanding of the mechanics required to pitch then use of the technology can only improve how an organization can provide service to their clients…I hope this doesn’t turn into who has the biggest and baddest stuff.

I did build it all with the help of my intern, yes!

Undiscovered: I do not have a formal degree in biomechanics or kinesiology, if that’s what you mean. I’ve self-studied for the past three years and own over 20 college texts on the subject of exercise science and kinesiology - ranging from undergraduate work to graduate-level texts. My intern is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied mechanical engineering and biomechanics. He also has a deferred enrollment option at the University of Washington, where he will study the biomechanics of sport starting in 2011.


Trust me - the lab I am building is far from the “biggest and baddest.” :slight_smile: We built our lab on a budget of $1,000, while comparable labs cost upwards of $30,000 or more!

We truly want to bring these types of services to everyone out there. After we’ve been operational for awhile, we’ll be writing about how you can build your own lab!

Hey, I was impressed by your industrial nature.

I’m the son of a journeyman electrician, so I know my way around a Home Depot :wink:

So do I, I have done loads of work from electrical to plumbing and everything inbetween but this is definately more than that.