Bin Laden

I was watching the Mets-Phils game yesterday, and maybe the most important event in my life’s American history next to 9/11 happened. The guys on ESPN stated that Osama bin Laden, the founder of al Qaeda, was killed.

We spent nearly a whole period in social studies class discussing this, and I was very intrigued in the fact that Obama kept it hush-hush where bin Laden was since August.

Where were you guys when this happened? Any extra thoughts?

i was watching the mets phillies game:D

Watching the Phillies Mets game, it was hilarious to see the players reaction when the whole crowd started chanting “USA USA”!

Its interesting that GWB spent billions of dollars and got thousands of troops killed over 8 years, and they find Osama Bin Laden three years after he leaves office…In his own house. Did noone think to look there before?

Come on, it’s Bush, when someone says think he responds “Huh”

Speaking of Bush at a Rangers Game Nolan Ryans wife dove to try to protect Bush from being hit by a foul ball, and she landed face first on the ground. Bush asked the catcher if he was okay…the catcher was standing 6 feet from the net.

It’s Bush what do you expect?

May be its Bush…