Billy Wagner!

Given the fact that he’s my all time favorite, I needed to make some of Billy. These are from Spring training 2006

Billy’s the greatest! :smiley:

Do you have the original video files for these two clips?

yeah i have the original files, Ill get you them by later tonight. I was just having fun with these, I’d rather you do them because you do em better anyway lol. I got the 123 avi to gif thing but it wont let me save bc i dont own it. So for now on if i get any vids ill probably just send them over to you and let you do what you do lol. ttyl

These clips illustrate something I find interesting about Wagner’s motion. People talk about the scap loading, which he definitely does, but few people note that he fully extends his arm first rather than going directly to the inverted W type position from hand break.

hey xv84! Im finally getting back to you about the billy videos, sorry for taking so long. I got them from a video I found on which I’ll give you the link for. I have video files on my comp but i recorded it using a really crappy program thus the missing frames and crappy looking GIFs. So I’m sure you can do a better job then I could! Billy’s the man! :smiley: .

The clips are from the interview with Billy in, Episode 37 - March 7, 2006… There is also a quick shot of him from the 3B side from when he played for Philly. If you could possibly get that also that would be awesome! Alright I look forward to seeing them.

Here’s what I’ve got.

great job! much better than i could have ever done, thanks a lot!