Billy Wagner!

I’ve seen him pitch enough to know that if he stays around 95 he will have to develop a 3rd pitch. He’s truly only fastball slider right now but if he has lost the velocity like you say he needs a third pitch for sure. He doesn’t have much (if any) movement on his 4 seamer. And at that level that’s “hammer time” for any decent hitter.

I was hoping his loss of velocity was do to the climate change. I don’t think his arm likes the cold weather much.


I agree, in hot weather I pitch better myself. I feel loose. I agree mabey a change-up or curveball. I don’t see the splitter for him because his hand size. Average hand size. 4-seam doesn’t have much movement anyways and is not really supposed to, but some people have natural movement. Like a hopping effect. At 95mph that’s still for alot of the better hitters to get ahold of unless it’s right over the plate. But he is and will still progress.