Bill Thurston's Pitching Videos

Sorry If its posted on another thread, I just got back from my camping trip and have a lot of threads to read, but what does everyone think? is there things you dont agree with, or some things that are really good? I thought the videos were great and just wondered what everyone else thought.

I, of course, love them and grew up learning pitching from this video (which was broken into smaller segments on the site I link to). They make pitching mechanics simple. No strange terms. And what you’ll find, in some respects, is some stuff that’s strikingly similar to Dick Mills’s early pitching videos (1996 stuff). Thurston was teaching this stuff way before Mills’s online presence, however.

The videos? Great. If you have the opportunity to work with Bill Thurston. That’s even better.

he mentions something about recoil.Most of the time after i’ve released the ball , and followed threw my arm sling shots upward. It didnt look like how he explained it in the video but does this also count as recoil? is it bad?