Bill Mueller

Here’s a video I found on youtube of my favorite player Bill Mueller doing what probably nobody would think would be possible (this was in 2004). Just watch.

Mmm hmm

and I could probably put videos of Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone’s home run later also. Unfortunately, my spidey senses say that I am sick of Yankee-Red Sox arguments

He has a school in S. Fla. and there he has a replica of the green monster…my eldest son attended several Bucky Dent camps as a little nipper. I went to a couple of his coaches clinics…talk about a one hit wonder… :roll:

skip to 2:00 for the HR

Heck, let the arguments begin.


the video of pedro throwing don zimmer to the ground is better than these. that was a classic i laugh so hard everytime i watch it.

If you want to talk history, I am not really going to bother it… for it would give me Carpel Tunnel Syndrome to list the things that Yankees did better than Red Sox over time

If you enjoy video of a normal player taking down on 72 year old man… here’s a tip, go to a bookstore, get a book on morality, and start reading it

yes it was a cheap move by pedro and not right but i can help it it was pretty funny. also not trying to start any red sox yanks arguments but ill take recent success over history anyday.

Ah… I can see why… a body gag

not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I was just repulsed by his motive.

This is completely random, but goggles just posted, so:

[quote=“Bakersdozen”]This is completely random, but goggles just posted, so:


yes, that’s where my username came from

I had plenty of other options, but ‘The goggles do nothing’ sounds funny when pronounced, so I went with it