Biggest Mess You've Ever Seen

I need a LOT of help. I know what your thinking… no possible way I can even come close to high 70’s low 80’s, but I can, and I have (even though thatstill isn’t that fast :? ). Anyway these mechanics are a mess and I need as much help as you guys can give. There is a slope on the ground I’m pitching from, it’s not exactly a mound but it is kinda close.

Enjoy, rip these mechanics apart (and put them back together).

Bring your hands together in the set position at or around your chest. That way, your throwing hand and glove hand have a shorter distance to travel down, back and up when you separate them. Check out some clips of Mariano Rivera, as he does it very well. Watch how he comes set. Nice and relaxed. Glove and hand between his chest and belt.

first of all, have you looked at any clips of mlb pitchers?

do any of them do anything like what you just did?

you need to ask yourself: why am i doing what I am doing. If you cant come up with a good reason, then you need to think twice about doing it. Why do you come to a set with you hands so high? why is your weight on your glove side foot? how is that going to help you explosively transfer your weight? look at a clip of roger clemens, or mariano rivera or nolan ryan and watch what they all do in common - then compare that to your own motion. You should be able to find and solve a lot of the problems on your own.

Post a new video once you have made some progress

dude u dont gotta rip on him… maybe thats the way he’s comfortable… and maybe it works for him but since its so… no offense man… like different. he wants it to look more clean

Take Steven’s advice about the hand break. Also, try moving sideways harder and for a longer period of time, increasing your stride length. Stay sideways as long as you can right now. We could get very detailed and technical about all sorts of things but that’s not going to help you right now. I’m trying to keep things simple right now and you can work up to the detailed stuff.

Sideways, longer, faster, then rotate your shoulders to throw the crap out of ball, finishing with your back horizontal because you just put everything into your shoulder rotation. That’s as simple as I can make it right now so you don’t get too bound up in all of the “stuff”. Do that for a while and then come back with some more video and we’ll all obsess about a million details then.

Excellent points, dm59. That sideways movement is so key in throwing hard because it lengthens the stride and smooths out the entire hand separation and expansion phases of the delivery.

The hand break and expansion work should keep you busy for a few weeks. Then repost your delivery and we’ll work on other elements of your delivery. You’re stuff is not as bad as it seems you think it is :wink:

Just stay positive and really take ownership of wanting to make improvements – and then finding the time to do it. (Is “wanting” a word?)

You can do it!

Top - you’ve got some good things going. Once you get started you have decent momentum toward the plate. You’ve got decent athletic ability, so you’ll be able to make changes relatively easily.
The things others have said are right, and the best way to make improvements is to do one or two things at a time. If you do that, you’ll be amazed at the improvement you’ll make by spring. You’ll run into difficulties, but keep fighting your way through them. You’ll be better off in the long run. Chin up!!



I’ll add that your feet are too far apart and causes you to make a significant weight shift towards 2B as you lift your knee. Narrow your feet and only move forward. Should help you put all your energy toward the target and help you be repeatable. Will also give runners less of a jump.

I agree, this was one of the first things I saw with your mechanics.

I’m going to come strait out with you and you realize it too. Your mechanics look a lot different than most peoples. You are probably down on yourself becuase things look really odd in your mechanics. Now I’ll give you some good news. These few simple things you’ve been told in this post, will have your mechanics looking a whole hell of a lot better. Now the majority of the people that post videos on this website have good looking mechanics. Now from there we can tear and rip away at them further but they look good. Now what does looking good mean? Well not much but it can really help with your self confidence and usually when things look good they are good especially with pitching. If you get these things down, you will say to yourself, wow look at my mechanics they look pretty damn good. Now for me when I came to this site my mechanics weren’t all too bad looking and I didn’t know the little problems I had. So I already said well my mechanics looked good so lets see what they can pick out. Now a few months later from that point I wasn’t just saying wow my mechanics look good, I was saying wow my control, velocity, and movement is a whole lot better.

Do you see how things work here? Your a step behind most but its not too big of a step a minor one with some easy fixes.

I’ve heard this and maby someone else can back this up or say its wrong. Taking a few towels, knotting them up and sticking them between your fingers, so the knot is in the crotch of your fingers with the rest haning down. You clench your first and stand in front of a mirror and just go through your motions. It’s a substitute for the ball so you can go through your motion and not kill your arm without a resistance or accidently release a baseball into that mirror you set up.