Big Time Pitcher Abuse at PONY WS

A 14yo pitcher for Washington, PA threw a 7 inning complete game on Sunday and then came back to throw a 6 inning complete game on Tuesday in a losing effort. He threw about 80 pitches on Sunday and about 100 pitches on Tuesday. I listened to the Tuesday game and the pitcher threw 60% or more curves, often throwing curves on a 2-0 count so my estimate of 100 pitches may be a bit low.

My impression is that Washington is a relatively weak team who got in as the host city and that they are trying to ride their one stud pitcher as far as he can take them. Pretty sad if you ask me. PONY needs to take a look at their pitching rules and Washington’s coach needs to be barred from coaching.

Simi’s 15yo pitcher threw 7 innings but didn’t go deep in the count very often despite recording 18 strikeouts, throwing mostly fastballs. He was operating on a week’s rest and probably had a lower pitch count than Washington’s pitcher. Knowing one of Simi’s coaches I’d guess that he won’t start again without at least 4 days rest given that Simi has used their stud pitcher for only 2 innings so far in the WS and has another strong pitcher, the coach’s son, who hasn’t pitched an inning yet in the WS along with a couple other good pitchers who are well rested.

Every year I keep reading about all of these horror stories but it just keeps on happening. Is anyone out there taking them to task and, if they do, what response do they get? By “they”, I mean the tournament organizers or any governing association.

Rumor has it that Little League, the perennial “bad actor” in this area is going to go to pitch counts to protect pitchers and may do so even in the LLWS and feeder tournaments. If they do, hopefully the other organizations will follow suit.

If you look at my comments on Simi you’ll see that there are also “good” coaches who protect their pitchers. My guess is that Simi won’t use their stud pitcher again except for an inning or two to keep him sharp until the championship game. Last night’s pitcher who had the 18 k’s wasn’t their stud and was probably #3 or #4 on the depth chart although I haven’t seen their pitchers throw since last year so I could be wrong on that. The one coach of theirs that I know is a good guy who won’t overuse his pitchers as far as I’ve seen.

That really is good, CADad. It’s good to know there are coaches out there with some integrity. It’s also good to hear that Little League is making this a priority.

It’ll be interesting to see who Washington, PA throws tonight. I believe that the pitcher I’ve been talking about would technically be eligible to throw tonight, although I don’t know what the pitching rules are for the tournament. Washington would have to beat Simi tonight and tomorrow night to advance so hopefully they’ll save the kid for tomorrow night or for a potential championship game on Saturday and the game won’t be necessary so no further damage will be done.

Believe it or not they are starting the same pitcher again tonight. That is just plain sick.

What is even more disgusting is that they’re obviously using him today in the hope of having him pitch again on Saturday.

One word, WOW!

Can’t say it surprises me though… :frowning:

[quote=“CADad”]Believe it or not they are starting the same pitcher again tonight. That is just plain sick.

What is even more disgusting is that they’re obviously using him today in the hope of having him pitch again on Saturday.[/quote]

I think it’s this kind of cr@p that is a big cause of the problems. Pitching multiple days in a row (or within close proximity). You end up wearing out the body and then not giving it the time it needs to recover.

That’s why none of my guys play in tournaments and I keep track of outings and innings across the two teams my guys play for.

The kid went 2 1/3 innings throwing about 60 pitches before they pulled him. Fortunately for him Simi had gone ahead far enough that even Washington’s coach realized there wasn’t any reason to keep him in there any longer.

Their coaching staff must have been pretty delusional to think they had a chance of making it to the championship game.

Saturday’s game ought to be pretty interesting. Puerto Rico had to work their way through a tough bracket to make it to the championship even though they were undefeated while Simi breezed through a weak bracket. Hard to say who that is going to favor in the championship game. It’ll probably depend on if Puerto Rico has their best pitching available for the championship game or not. Simi’s best pitcher went two innings on Sunday and two innings on Thursday so he should be OK for Saturday’s game. Conejo had to use him in the 2004 US championship game in the LLWS so they didn’t have him for the game against Curacao. Simi was able to save him for the championship game. He’s not unhittable but he is a very good pitcher at this level.

Simi didn’t start their best pitcher. I thought maybe his arm was sore but he came in after 3 innings with them down 4-0 and shut down Puerto Rico for 3 innings. It is the top of the 7th and Simi has 1 on with no outs in the top of the 7th as I post this.