Big time frustration

Went to the field for a little BP for CASon. Our “varsity” players were playing against a team from our league and getting slaughtered. A rising sophomore who I gunned at 72 to 74 last week was warming up in the pen for the other team. He had pitched against CASon and the other rising juniors who aren’t being given any chance to face varsity competition last week and gotten roughed up a bit. CASon went 3 innings in that one working 78-81 and gave up 1 hit and no walks. CASon has pitched 15 or 20 innings in that league and given up a total of 4 or 5 singles. Their varsity squad was slaughtering our varsity squad. The low 70s senior “pitcher” with no pitching experience who our coach had told me was one of the ones keeping CASon from getting even a shot at varsity was being pulled in the middle of an inning as we arrived. I understand he got rocked against a very weak team a couple days ago. He also walked in 3 runs when brought in with the bases loaded the other day. It looks like CASon and another pitcher who has done nearly as well, they both dominated during the JV season as well, will not get a chance to face varsity competition for another year no matter what. If you think I’m being pessimistic a pitcher who was just noted as being a probable early first round pick on PGCrosschecker was kept on JVs as a junior by this coach. This kid was throwing high 80s as a junior and was absolutely dominant. He signed with a major D1 before ever playing varsity ball. The coach had the temerity to tell the team’s parents that the kid would have been cut if he had gone to another school. He thinks that treating such a great pitcher so poorly was a good thing. BTW, the kid was a well behaved, hard working honor student.

What are Cason’s feelings at this point?
Man, I sure feel your position 100% here. As a freshman we pretty much figured out we were going to have to get to the next level without much if any assistance from our varsity coach.

“The coach had the temerity to tell the team’s parents that the kid would have been cut if he had gone to another school”

What else would he say…he was shown to be the fool he apparently is. It is just amazing how such little people can control the lives with such potential. This is why a good coach is a treasure and rare.
Well, my friend, all things considered, it looks like you are going to have to figure out how to get past Casey Stengal here and help your son overcome this impedance to his future. You have the heart and I have no doubt based on what he’s already over-come that Casons has the big heart too. I look forward to hearing how you do it…(Not that I have doubts that it’ll happen…just how, is interesting to me). As you know I’ll be happy to share things we have done and it’s great comfort to know you live in the west coast version of baseball heaven.
Forgive me but to me this looks like a great learning opportunity not a terrible thing, unpleasent and unnecessary, yes but who better to get past it?

I’m going to wait until after Wednesday, when the varsity team plays their 4th 9 inning game in 5 days to make sure CASon and the other pitcher don’t get their well deserved shot at pitching at that level. Once that happens I’m going to try to enlist the dad of the other pitcher who has known the coach for a long time and we’ll go in together to see what can be done to give our son’s a fair chance at playing against decent competition. They’ve more than earned the right to pitch against someone who can get around on their fastballs.

Gettem!!! :twisted:
Take no prisoners! :evil:
Don’t hesitate to bring out his in depth knowledge of that kid who went D-1.
Of course in a professional non-emoting way :smiley:
Let me know if we need to contact my cousin Guido…

The thing that sucks about baseball is sometimes it’s not a kids skill but rather who they know. It’s like that where I live cause I was held down last year (the deadline for birthday cut off was moved up so a lot of kids got to play 3 years in a 2 year age league thing for babe ruth [14-15]). Then for the allstar tryouts the guy who was the coach only watched the kids he knew and when someone he didn’t know was pitching, fielding, or batting he left to go watch someone else. The guy was really annoying and at the end he had us vote for who we thought should be on the A team and the other kids are on the B team basicly. Not everyone knew everyone else so they voted who they knew but its not like that mattered everyone knew he already had the team picked out before the tryouts.

Coaches like that are really annoying and the assistant coach for my high school is like that too. Theres this kid that isn’t even that good. He dives for balls and usually misses doesn’t really try and always says how good he is. The assistant coach always yells at him and then out of no where the assistant coach and the coach don’t cut him and this give us all this crap about putting your heart into the game and the kids that didn’t make it didn’t try hard enough and the kids that did make it showed they put their hearts into it. Thats total bull since this kid that made it always messes up and the coaches yell at him and he doesn’t try and then they say how hard of a worker he is.

Don’t worry about it CADad cause coaches like that pretty much dissappear later and because the Varsity coach is moron don’t let that get you frustrated.