Big Start Next Sunday

Last Sunday we played the Orioles and lost 6-4. season record now 9-4 having lost our last three games. The Orioles are a good team with a 10-0 record. They play in our 35+ league as well as in the 25+ so they have a younger overall team.

I pitched the bottom of the eighth and faced their 3-4-5 hitters, all good fatball hitters. Got the first guy on a first pitch slider with a weak grounder to third. Got the number 4 hitter on a 1-2 curve, again a weak grounder to third. Struck out the number 5 hitter on a 1-2 high inside fastball. Just blew him away.

Felt great and will get the start next Sunday against the Capitals who we lost to two weeks ago 11-4. This is also a good team with several of their players playing in both the 35+ and 25+ leagues. Can’t wait!

I now have 29 1/3 innings pitched with a 1.23 ERA. I love the look on the faces of the 35 year olds when they see this 51 year old sit them down time after time. Lots of fun!