Big Question

OK It is the middle of the offseason and I have a bit of a delema. I normally throw overhand, but i have been playing around with my friends throwing sidearm/submarine and I cant deside if I want to do 3/4 quaters or submarine. I throw a lot harder submarine and it’s different but I have a little trouble with my accuracy and when I throw 3/4 quaters I have pretty good accuracy and not very good spped. What should I do.

Also I am having second thoughts because I am having arm pain (around the shoulder blade, a little under), and I dont know if that is from throwing or not. Also does anyone know if submarine throwing causes arm pain.


I’m not sure about the arm pain, but as to which arm slot to go with, IMO you should always go with what’s natural for you. It sounds rather obvious that the submarine motion is causing you problems, if you’re just having pain after throwing submarine.

i’d suggest to keep it at 3/4, your speed will come

Yeah and I hadnt thrown in a while so that might have been it