Big Loopy Curve Or Fast Sharp Curve?

would u rather have a fast curve but with about 1 1/2 ft. of break or a big loopy one?

Actually, I threw both of them. My sharp-breaking curve was more like the slider I threw, and the big loopy one was my slow curve. Both served their purposes very nicely. :slight_smile:

Without question its better to have a sharp tighter harder curveball, especially at the higher levels. Loopy for show, sharp for dough.

it depends on your other pitches
if you throw a slider you dont want a sharp curve too
if you throw a splitter you dont want a loopy curve
just experiment with both and whatever gets batters out

I think a fast one is easier to control but the loopy one can be somehing to use ounce and a while to keep the hitter off ballance. Looks like its coming at you but drops in the zone.

I’d say there is a question. Ever seen a major league pitcher with a big loopy curve? Mike Mussina throws his knuckle curve very big and loopy. Being at the highest level with a pretty decent record. I think if you don’t have the fastball you need the big loopy one to really throw them offbalance. Get them jumping out even more in front of the pitch than they would be considering you have a below average fastball, like Mussina. If your a power pitcher the sharp curve might be the better one to have. I think theres a pitcher from the Redsox who has a big looper too.

that would be mr clay bucholz

It depends on what kind of pitcher you are. Picture Roger Clemens in his prime, a big loopy curve would just get pounded off of him. Now picture David Wells the big loopy curve worked for him but do you think a hard tight one would? No probably not.

Moose, Wells, Moyer types = loopy

Clemens, Ryan, Unit types = Sharp

but you should not throw it the same speed every time

I want to work on a sharp curve but the way I throw it, it just is big, loopy, and slow and it makes a could pitch to surprise a batter. It works for me.

Where’s the reply for both?Ian.

well, i have a sharp breaking curve but it almost breaks 3-9 but not quite

i find it useful when facing leftys cuz they just give up on it as they recognize the pitch to be outside until it breaks

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