Big League Matchups

Going to my first major league games next week and i’ll likely see these matchups:

Cleveland (Cliff Lee) @ Seattle (Garrett Olson)


Toronto (Ricky Romero) @ Seattle (King Felix)

I’m so pumped for the Jays game. Two of the hottest pitchers in baseball. Should be a 2-1 game. The first game is good too. A good young guy going up against a Cy Young winner…can’t complain.

ahhh lucky you!!
Too bad my sister could beat Clevland this year…Still, looks like you’ll be eating some of that famous Seattle seafood (If you like that sort of thing) watching some great pitchers do their deal.

Hey, jd, no fair! You just pushed one of my buttons—I love seafood—shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops, etc. Now I have to call the Red Lobster and have a seafood meal delivered. Yum.
Getting back to the business at hand, one pitching matchup I always looked forward to was when the Yanks and the Indians would lock horns and (this was way back) Ed Lopat and Bob Lemon would square off against each other. It was always the same result; Lemon got the short end of the stick, because Lopat had this nasty habit of beating Cleveland to a pulp.
And I don’t know whether you remember the 1950 World Series—but Casey Stengel wanted to match up Allie Reynolds against Robin Roberts, and when he was asked about that he said that if Roberts pitched the opener he’d start Reynolds; anyone else, it would be Vic Raschi. Well, the Phillies surprised everyone by starting Jim Konstanty, their relief ace—maybe not so surprising, because their pitching staff was shot to pieces, overworked, beat up, you name it. There was no one else. So Stengel started Raschi—and the Phillies put on a beautiful demonstration of how not to hit him. The Springfield Rifle shut them out, 1-0, on two hits. The next day Roberts started for the Phillies, and the Yanks started Reynolds—and Superchief did the same thing.
I wonder what would happen if two lousy pitchers faced each other… 8)

Sea Food is so NASTY!


King…gotta figure a way to deal…good fish is so great for every part of your body. Mmmmmm seafood… :smiley:
I love grilled Mahi…fresh…barely stopped wiggling…mmm…get you a low country boil :shock: ohhhh yah some sausage and crawdad, scallops, clams corn on the cobb…oh man…your a big boy…you can hack it…don’t stop cuz you just had one bad experience or something…crab…lobster…yah baby…get some-o-that…

Zita, Clevland was never a squad I was much interested in. Liked the teams they had when Atlanta beat them, of course Bob Feller was singularly one of the most terrific talents ever…Satchel Paige made it interesting as well as Gaylord Perry. They just never really got there. It is ironic that if, in the storied history of those boys wearing pin stripes, you asked a person to go out and name even 10 yankee great pitchers over history…theyd be very hard pressed if they had to exclude present day staff (Mariano or Petite or Moose). Think about it, the Yanks had to have pitchers but aside from Whitey and Guidry…maybe Catfish (He could as well be considered one of the A’s)…throw in Goose (7 total HOF Yankee pitchers…Waite Hoyt, Red Ruffing, Herb Pencock, Jack Chesbro, Whitey Goose and Catfish BOY Those first 4 are on the tip of everyones tongue :lol: ). As much as I study the sport I could throw in Lefty and Lefty (Gomez and Wells)…certainly Larsen was famous but not a “great”. The names of your friend and the staff of that era is familiar to me but how many more? I always found that just interesting.