Big Hit

What is your mentality and what should be the mentality and/or mindset after giving up a big hit (home-run, 3 run double,etc)?

It’s a whole new batter.

Wait… I gave up a hit?

No, when you give up a big hit
I’m using “you” in general.

I will get upset at first, but then I just step off the mound for a second,take a deep breath and step back on the mound. My philosophy is “once you step back on the mound forget all the bad things and focus on the good things.”

I throw at the next batter’s head.

:shock: :wink:
Just kidding.

Actually, I throw my mitt on the ground and cuss.

Just kidding.

In truth I just laugh it off. Seems to confuse everyone, including my coaches and teammates.

My first post was a subtle irony.

I immediately forget about it. Better, I don’t even care.

It’s kind of funny, I’m all lackadaisy chuckling because I think “the kids pants fell down rounding second base.”

I don’t even care if I give up the hit. I mean, I do care before it happens but IF (big if) it does, then I immediately don’t care.

I am unphaseable.

Last 2 seasons i played I had a total of 3 hits off me in 40+ innings so I’m not sure exactly how it feels to be hit hard (not meant to be a brag)

But when I do give up a hit I honestly completely forget about it… which can be bad because I remember after the first ever hit off me I forgot all about the hit and he took third easily. :oops:

  1. Realize -It’s going to happen.

  2. Treat it as a challenge…and don’t forget the player that did it.

  3. Do what needs to be done to keep it from happening again. You have to evaluate it briefly…what went wrong…how do I fix it. Deep breath…

  4. Talk yourself down…whatever your favorite thing is to repeat. Feel your pulse slow down…back on the mound.

I get back on the mound, and rush the next batter in. I also don’t get mad, I just think that even though he may have batted in some runs, if he’s still on base, I’ll leave him stranded at 3rd, 2nd, or whatever base he’s at.

I had this happen to me in the 2nd inning of one of my summer ball games. Bases loaded, hitter comes up (righty), first pitch (way inside and high, almost hit him, was using a wood bat, have no idea how he did this.), kid hits a home run down the left field line. :shock: But like others said, remember that guy. He didn’t look too slick when I struck him out the rest of the at bats he had against me. 8)

[quote=“kjeezey”]I throw at the next batter’s head.

:shock: :wink:
Just kidding.

Actually, I throw my mitt on the ground and cuss.

Just kidding.

In truth I just laugh it off. Seems to confuse everyone, including my coaches and teammates.[/quote]

Haha, dude I do the exact same thing as well. On the only extra base hit I gave up the whole season, I laughed so hard, I was just like… well he hit that pretty hard lmao.

]And sometimes that “big hit” turns into a BIG OUT.
Let’s go back to the fifth and final game of the 2000 World Series. Bottom of the ninth inning, two out, a runner on second, Mike Piazza at bat for the Mets, and Shea Stadium was literally a field of screams. Mo was on the mound for the Yanks. He threw a pitch—it probably was not a cutter, but an ordinary fast ball—and Piazza swung and hit a high, towering fly ball that everybody in the park thought was going to go out. Everybody, that is, except centerfielder Bernie Williams.
He had noticed that Piazza had not exactly gotten good wood on the ball but had hit it more towards the end of the bat. He was following the trajectory of the ball, and he knew that it was going to stay in the park, and he saw just where it was going to come down—right near the warning track. Bernie moved under it, reached up and hauled it in for the final out, ending the game and the Series.
If a guy wants to hit a home run or anything like that he has to hit it on the “sweet spot” with a lot of power. Otherwise…And another thing: if you have a runner on base with less than two out, you can have your infield move to double-play depth. Or you can pick the guy off. I remember a game in which I gave up a bloop single, and then with two out I picked the guy off first with a snap throw, ending the inning. Yummy.

A blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while. :lol: