Big Game: How do you prepare?

Big game tomorrow. On the bump. How do you mentally prepare? Got the jitters and nerves already and it’s another 16 hours til game time.

Put it in perspective. Some people are having surgery tomorrow. Some are going into combat. Some are jumping out of an airplane for the first time. Some are going to find out what the jury’s verdict is tomorrow. And if statistics are right…there are alot of people your age that don’t know what they are eating tomorrow. Now how big of a game is it, really?

Well said!

That pretty much says it all right there

Prepare just like any other game…big games are no different, don’t let the importance dictate how you prepare.

I just finished reading “The Way of Baseball” by Shawn Green, a great book that focused on the mental side of baseball. Green had just signed a new mega-million dollar contract with his hometown team, the Dodgers, and he was expected to lead the Dodgers to the World Series after his statistically monstrous previous year. The day after he signed the contract, a highly respected coach called him and said, “Don’t try to change the way you approach the game, Shawn. Don’t try to be the hero. Don’t feel like you have to live up to anything you’ve done in the past or to the expectations everyone has for your future. Take each pitch one at a time. Things may be different around you, but remember the game is still the same.”

You wouldn’t have this chance if you didn’t have the capability to succeed. Trust in yourself, I’m sure you’ve had success in the past. Live in the moment, don’t focus on any expectations you or anyone else has for you. Live in each single pitch. Not in the last pitch or in the future pitch or the results so far, whether good or bad. Focus on each pitch you’re about to throw only.

A bit of meditation might work. This could be playing catch to warm up, or your bullpen session before the game. Focus intently on each pitch you throw. Without thinking and using your head, FEEL your body throw the ball. This is the feeling you should strive for in the game, not using your head to consciously think about expectations or the results, but instead living in each single pitch.

I was in the zone today. Deep breathes before every pitch. Focusing on that one single pitch and not the at bat, the inning, score. Pitched a complete game shut out to win the league title.

Just saw that your original post was from last night, not tonight. I guess my advice wasn’t exactly timely… :lol:

Congrats on your big game. Shawn Green called it “the zone” and although we can’t be there always, the way to be there the most often is by doing exactly what you did: take away the mind and focus on each pitch. Great job!