Is it necessary to work on biceps in the off season?

If you work your tri’s, work your bi’s.

yeah, you don’t want any muscle imbalances so if you work a muscle you need to work the opposite as well.

That’s good advice but of only limited value.

Neither one of these mucles does much of anything during the throwing motion.

what exact muscles do you use when you throw?

The bicep curl is really great for developing the bicep muscles of the arm. The very first thing you want to do when you are doing standing bicep curl is make sure that your feet are firmly rooted into the ground. By that I mean I want you to feel that you’re either pressing your feet into the ground or statically stomping your feet into the ground. Also, gripping the ground with your toes also helps. You want to make sure that your hips, your gluttial muscles are fully engaged and that your legs are fully squeezed together. This is going to give you a really solid platform for doing your bicep curl. The next you want to do is make sure your abdominals are contracted and your chest is lifted when you’re doing your curl. And then you want to make sure that your elbows are firmly planted next to your ribcage so that your elbows stay stationary when doing your bicep curl. I am now going to demonstrate how to do standing bicep curl. Okay, it’s important to know when you’re doing standing bicep curl the proper breathing pattern. Any time you execute any kind of effort on your part on the bar is to make sure you exhale. One thing to keep in mind when you’re doing your standing bicep curl is to eliminate any kind of momentum you’re doing. Try not to swing your back and forth so that you don’t injure your back when you’re doing your curl.

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It isn’t necessary to work your biceps. During the offseason I don’t think it hurts to do them either. They should not be the focus or priority in your workout but they aren’t bad to do. I usually include them during the offseason but exclude them during the season.