Biceps pain

Hey guys

kinda have sum biceps pain, my mechanics are fine (only my stride not good enough:P) but , how this happens, and how to restore?

k thx:)

What pitches do you throw?

Fastball (both 4 and 2 seam) change up , slider , and curve

but I throw curve for like olmost 1,5 years now and never had ANY pain in my biceps

I did changed my mechanics a bit lately(perfecting ehm) maybe sum musccle I olmost never used using my old mechanics getting to work now?(sounds a bit TO farfatched btw)

*EDIT after warming up i had a bit of pain, after bull pen , its kinda gone, then comes back later in the game (and after)

todays game sucked ^^ the umpire had NOOOO idea of what strike zone was lol. was a guy from there club
wasnt fair

That pain could be caused by the slider possibly?? that’s just throwing something out there. Could you have possibly injured it out of baseball?
A kid was fooling around with me and punched my shoulder and i can feel it when i pitch.

hmm i dunt think so, i throwed like, eeh 5 sliders in whole game :P(pitched 2 innings) guys werent hitting anyways so why try harder, just blow ehm away with fastball. anyways bttp, I read another topic about same problem, some one said cuz of takin ur throw arm out of throwing line * to first base* behind your back.

i do that just a bit, could that be the problem??

now after that

how to cure ^^?

Tom House claims pain on the backside of the arm is a strength issue while pain on the front side is a mechanics issue. So you very well may have a mechanics issue. Post some video so we can take a look.

dont hav vid yet, 1 coming soon I hope, btw, I dont have this problem often, my mechanics only got better since i changed ehm, atleast, 3 coaches 1 trainer, and even 1 american pitch trainer claiming that.

anyways, ill try to get vid asap:)

so what if it ISNT my mechanics, what then?[/img]

I got bicept soreness after throwing 100+ pitches on a shonky mound. It was like stepping off a milk crate onto a concrete path. Im taking multivitamins and am doing light weights to slowly bring it back to speed.

I did throw alot last days, so could be that… anyways, im doing same thing, vitamins, eat alot, workout a bit.

I used to have bicep issues and the team doctor said that your bicep is working hardest when you are slowing you arm down, ala after the release of the ball. Bicep problems could be from short arming after release and or not completely following through.

i have some bicep/tricep pain because i was playing some softball. i dont have to pitch till friday so im just using a heating pad and ice

I know why I have sum biceps pain sumtimes. Cuz its not warmed up yet, + the “w” in my arms(but this wont cause it i think, I throw like this all my life , time to work on it tho) + when deaccelleration I tend to pull back my arm. can clearly see it on sum movies of me