Biceps involving pitching

if u have big biceps will that slow you down in your speed ive been doing tons of curls to pith faster and coaches told me not to do them no more

I dont know if it actually hurts your velocity, but I do not see it helping any. Just think about it, your bicep is the muscle that contracts your elbow. In the throwing motion you never contract your elbow. Hope this helps.

I have been told that it does slow down your arm. Try not go get it bigger ut do the occasional curls to keep em in shape.


Although it probably isn’t a good idea to overdo it on the curls you also need to have some strength there to help maintain balance as your triceps tend to get a lot of work from throwing. The biceps do play a limited role in deceleration.

High speed photo makes it clear that the Triceps isn’t active during the throwing motion (you can see it flopping around). The rapdi extension of the elbow happens on its own due to the centrifugal force that is generated.

Here’s another quote for you to try to attribute:

"…but when the upper arm finishes accelerating the arm forward, pitchers must extend their elbow with a powerful contraction of the triceps brachii muscle (I call this action, triceps drive.) "

“High speed photo makes it clear that the Triceps isn’t active during the throwing motion” Where do you come up with such drivel? You are downright dangerous. The triceps isn’t fully contracted until the arm is almost fully extended. That doesn’t mean it isn’t active.

BTW, the ASMI studies show triceps involvement in the throwing motion although the anconeous tends to have more involvement.