biceps and pitching

la’s post titled “triceps and pitching” made me think about my arm - its strength and weaknesses. This off season our strength and conditioning coach included a routine of many tricep exercises, but only two bicep workouts.

When I began throwing - ecspecially early in the season - my bicep was on fire -very tender- as I threw. The coaches told me it was just my arm building strength and acclimating to the stresses of pitching. I had never felt soreness/tenderness like this in my life. The sorness has diminished but sometimes reappears when I throw long toss.


Try making a self-evaluation of your biceps volume vs your triceps volume, as outlined in my last post in the “Triceps and pitching” thread.

According to House, and independently according to the research paper I provided in that thread, the volume of your triceps should be about equal to the volume of the biceps.

Most young baseball players who make this self-evaluation will find that they have very little triceps strength, in comparison to their biceps.

The goal is to achieve balance: Triceps strength = Biceps strength.

I have no idea why you felt unusual soreness or a heightened burning sensation in your biceps while you threw early in the season. I think many good coaches would tell you to perform all of your conditioning and training routines “to tolerance”, but not beyond that point. I personally think that a definition of tolerance can safely include “the burn” when you are exercising muscle tissue.

But, it’s hard to tell where the difference between “the burn” and “unusual soreness” lies…perhaps that’s an individual boundary that every athlete needs to figure out for himself.

This is a difficult question, and I hope that others at LTP can jump in here and help us out…

I don’t think you should ignore biceps. Do pullups, probably the best excercise for biceps/upper body. I think lincecum was a strong believer in pull ups, setting a record for his college at 40, though I’m not sure if he did it with a perfect form or whatnot :P. Of course this doesn’t mean you should ignore triceps, I’m sure he did tons of pushups too.

Does your strength and conditioning itinerary have the support of the following:

dedicated and reserved dinning room meal plan and table space for your sport.
dietitians or nutritionists followup
dietary outline
dedicated and reserved machine time at the gym
dedicated and reserved floor time at the gym
scheduled meetings with conditioning coach - pitching coach - dietitians - nurse/trainers, independently or together

And last, but not least, has anyone ever explain to you how your body functions during a pitch … I mean really explain what’s going on. Has anyone ever sat down with you and showed you how muscles and tendons respond to loads of stress ?

If you’re going to using those tools under your chin ( from the neck on down) I’d suggest learing more about what makes it tick … way before taking it out for a test ride. And like any tool, it needs proper care after, like proper cleaning and prep for the next time.

Conditioning is great, developing strenght is great - but without properly educating you on why and with what, you’re shooting in the dark.

Coach B.

although i cannot say for sure, the sorness occurs right on the center of the bicep muscle, so i suspect it is just my arm getting stronger.