Bicep Wrist

Hey guys, Ill try to articulate whats going on in my arm as I feel it.

I know this is my first post :slight_smile: And heres my background.

I have NO CLUE hard fast i throw. I have thrown some curves. I try sliders but have given up at this point cuz i have no control of my fastball and thats the first goal is to gain velocity and control then add to my pitches.

So ive been throwing for about a month now every 3 days. Some times I would be really anxious to throw so Id go on 2 days rest and it would hurt. So i would Make sure not to throw for 4 days. So now I pretty much only go every 3 days…Is that fine? I throw about 50 pitches sometimes on the 4 days rest i can get in 100 before my arm starts to hurt. But when it hurts i stop period.

Now for the discription, I feel the pain in my bicep, i say underneath feeling in my bicep…from the front bulge to the inner elbow… Usually minor discomfort dull pain, usually immediately after release, and i quit. Now even more rarely i have a pain in my wrist/thumb. It doesnt hurt the thumb but the thumb side of the wrist hurts.

I dont have video…clock… pictures but im wondering is it because ive never really thrown for about 6 years and i just need to get the arm in shape? Is it more likely mechical? It seems like i can throw more and longer everytime i go out. Im 22…I was a Navy SEAL and never played High School ball. But one of my best friends was a AA pitcher and i talked to him about pitching and it got me wanting to learn how to do it. Now I sit there and watch pitchers on tv all the time and figure out the mechanics. Id like to try pitching for a College Club(not the Universities team obvly) just a club if i get good enough…

So because of my age I imagine that might change your guys perspective upon my situation and wear and tear… i just dont know how it all works yet.

First Thank You for your service! :smiley:

You made it through BUDS… :shock: This is a cake walk, first, get the arm right, go to an Orthopedic guy and get it looked at and treated, could be as simple as inflammation. Next get someone to look at your mechanics and insure you are not injuring yourself. Throwing 50 pitches every 3 days shouldn’t be a problem as long as you condition and have proper mechanics, figure a reliever in the bigs gets that sort of usage and more. You obviously know how to condition, but make sure you do some pitching specific things like long toss, play catch (Just search the site you’ll find many different things).
You are right to get the fastball down first, but as soon as you do, get to work on a couple of other pitches (At your age they’ll crush a fastball if you don’t have something to get them off balance).
So you have a couple of chores…Get your arm fixed/ working properly and if you have questions we will be here!
I was an AT, P-3 squid…Brownshoe Nav was great for me, I just got married so it didn’t work out to go SAR or SEAL for me, I gave it a long hard look though.
I wish every kid that comes to this site could know how difficult what you did was…They surely wouldn’t find anything in life soooo hard after that :wink:

Nice, thanks for your service as well, I had a friend that was an AM… We had some SAR guys show up to BUDS, I think only one of them ended up making it in our class…out of id say like 4 or 5. Then ultimately even he got rolled in 2nd phase for the Tread if you know what that is. My brother also had a SAR guy make it through his class… He said he was really cock son of a b.tch. More so than the average LOL!

Anyways, Ya ill goto a doc and check it out in a couple of weeks wheni goto school and have health services for $5 per appointment. I still have that VA but dealin with the VA is…

Ill record my mechanics as well in a couple of weeks as well. I’ll try to get with someone on the Baseball coaching staff about worthin with guys and helping out and see what they say about how i do things. Sucks my AA Friend is out in SanDiego and is now busy with Master Degree/Teaching and well it is the phone and communicating coordination on the phone is near impossible haha.

If it is Inflamation, whats the typical solution? Does that just get better in time? or Cured via mechanics?

Rest and depending on the severity, prendesone (Powerful stuff that works no doubt). Just remember, something ticked it off so check your mechs. How are you conditioning right now?
Not to disrespect the job they do…those folks got major league “Kahhoonahs” but SAR IS what you “do” if you don’t make SEAL…IMO the greatest warrior team that there ever was…

I heard that Rangers is harder than SEAL’s. I talked to a guy who is a Col. in the Army and a Ranger and said that some SEAL’s came in to try to get into the Rangers and a lot of them dropped out and they said that Rangers is harder than SEAL training.

But I’m sure both are extremely hard.

I guess for the Rangers you have to go like 3 months with 5 hours of sleep and 1 meal per day, and the average guy looses 30 pounds or something. My facts might be off for the time you have to do that but I’m positive the guy told me 5 hours of sleep and 1 meal per day. How is that compared to SEAL?

I’m sure an argument can be made…have you ever watched the Ranger contests they’ve shown on TV…bad dudes no doubt. They don’t have the swim component that SEALs have, and they swin nuts kinda stuff…dumped out in the ocean and have to swim for well I’m not up on the mileage but lets just put it this way…In Viet Nam the VC were afraid of two types of warrior, one was the ROK’s (Republic of Korea’s Marines…they killed everything they found…down to the critters) and the other was SEAL’s…who suffered zero KIA’s and were on constant ops for the entire war…each one had a huge bounty on his head).
Read Marchinco’s “Rogue Warrior” it’ll blow your mind.

Yeah I think they’re very similar but in different branches. I’m sure SEAL’s have a lot more swimming but I read somewhere Rangers have to swim a lot too.

I also heard special forces training is very hard.

I don’t think it matters all those groups are up a top of the most elite soldiers in the world.

I wonder how they would compare to the soldiers of the 101st in WWII?

“I wonder how they would compare to the soldiers of the 101st in WWII?”

They were also extremely bad fellas, can’t forget the Alamo Scouts from WWII also, top-o-the-tops!
I agree that you are talking small differences in greatness.
Oh wel,l better for discussion on sites dedicated to something else…

Haha, they all are self promoting…its the way they brainwash you through training. They pump you up and make you feel invincible and better than anyone around you. I bought it for a while then soon realized it was ego driven and good recruiting. I also realized non of them are as good as they say they are. Now Ive never had combat so i have to only hold an opinion up until deployment (I was 1 month from deployment with my team). I never felt it was as cool as they make it out to be…grass is always greener you know. Also there is a guy that did SF, Ranger, SEAL training. I personally know of a couple guys that i worked in my platoon that had done the marines top dawgs (they are not becoming part of SOCOM I believe), had done the Ranger course as well…he made it its not that big of a deal … Ranger school is 3weeks or so… To become a SEAL bud/s is 27 weeks, then 16-18 weeks of advanced training…I also met AF PJ’s they sucked up to us alot, Jump school the instructors tried buddy budding us as well. SF is prolly the closest thing to the training and quality of men as SEAL’s imo. They are more specialized in language training I believe, rangers are just a small gut check…im sure lots make it through there, not knocking him but is a cattle drive, and yes the cream of the crop show up for that ranger contest on ESPN.

As for the guy that went through all the courses, he wrote a book on it…i bought it and read it a couple times, he said Rangers was dealing with living like a scrounge for a month on one MRE a day… SF was i cant remember but cooler than Rangers thats for sure. I think it was more academically challenging if i remember correctly. SEAL Training was the one he did last at age 28 i think, and he said it was the hardest/longest/toughest physically than the rest. Im not beefing anything up im taken it verbatem.…maybe its in there ebooks. I enjoyed the book before i went through training.

I dont know what else to say cuz i dont really care haha i thought id fill you in on what i percieve it as to be true right now.


I went out today i cant remember if it was 2 or 3 days rest…im stupid and figured id see how i felt.

I worked on RIStars mechanically post for Tall and drive. I worked on T my cocked position, I worked on my follow through(which i tend to do a brad penny arm stop after release…just the way it feels and what i see him throw like). I worked on landing on a bent knee, i worked on not arming it… I threw about 80% for about 70 pitches… My bicep didnt hurt at all, I think it was cuz i wasnt T’ing up. So that went away for time being.

My arm started to kinda feel tired/soreish near the elbow, id say near where the forearm muscle meets the elbow. It wasnt that bad it just seemed to become sore a I threw more. Might just be a different set of muscles being worked since the mechanical change.

Anyone with thoughts can interject. I think that was my last session before I pack up for school…maybe one more session of about the same amount come Monday. All i threw today was 4 seamer…at first i knocked out 6 perfect strikes near where i was looking. Thats a HUGE change vs just a week ago.

Again Ill get video in about a week or so. Any experience advice etc is appreciated.


Basics before elegance…

Forget turning yourself into a pretzel, reading all those changes made me feel like you were doing the “hokey-pokey”, work oh throwing the ball in a fundementally sound fashion, I suggest keeping the whole delivery process as simple as you can. Once you establish that you can throw pain free and accurately, you can either fiddle around with the tweaks that you mentioned or get your mechs looked at by a pro/coach or both, but do it with a plan, check your progress and adjust accordingly. How much have you prepared your arm for these sessions you’ve been throwing…The things you describe sound much like the stuff you see in the spring (Arm conditioning in nature…tendonitus and stuff). Even though you are likely still as conditioned as you can be, throwing is a unique athletic movement. so I’d expect to get a little bit of conditioning soreness.