Bicep Tendonitis

I believe that my shoulder problem that I am having is, what I believe to be, bicep tendonitis. My soreness is in the front of my shoulder where my bicep and shoulder meet. It does not give me any trouble when I throw or anything but the day after it is pretty sore, and it continues to get better as the week goes on. I ice after every time I throw and I am taking anti-inflammatories. But, I was wondering if there is a real problem with throwing when I have this problem, since it does not effect me when I am throwing or cause any pain after I throw. Please advise. Thank you.

Based on where the pain is located, it could be one of the muscles of the front of the rotator cuff. It could be caused by your taking your pitching hand too far behind your back.

Have you seen a doctor?

yes I have seen my team doctor and he just said to monitor it and see if it gets worse. So you would advise me looking at my mechanics and make sure that my arm is not getting to far behind me?

Is this a big problem, or should I just keep throwing and make sure that it does not get worse?

It’s hard to say for sure, but some things I would look for (on video if possible) are whether…

  1. You hand moves behind your back.
  2. Your elbows move well behind your back/shoulders.
  3. Your shoulders start turning before your forearm is vertical before your shoulders start to turn.

I sure that others will disagree with me, but I believe that your shoulder problem may be related to a small flaw with your mechanics. I believe that the only way to permanently fix the problem, and make sure it doesn’t come back, is to examine and possibly tweak your mechanics.

Check this out.

This winter when i started a throwing programme again, i developed a bruise on my bicep and started feeling a little pain in my shoulder. I saw my doctor and she thought it was down to early overuse, so i shut my arm down for a couple weeks and used some anti-inflammatories coupled with icing, and i was good in a few weeks.

One change i made in my mechanics was to lead a little more with my elbow, and this took some strain off my shoulder.