Bicep Tendon Pain

I am 13 and I have pain in my tendon which connects the forearm and the bicep and my whole bicep during and after I pitch. How should I treat this to heal it? I would say I have good mechanics (I could send you pictures of my form if you want to help me). I put Myoflex and ice my arm, but when I pitch 30 pitches or so, my arm hurts again. What are some stretches and/or strength routines for my arm?

This really belongs in the “Pitching Injuries” section, but since you posted it here I can tell you one thing you should do before anything else: Make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist immediately and go see him. Get some X-rays and perhaps an MRI to determine just what the problem is. It may be nothing too serious, in which case the doctor can prescribe some exercises you can do. If it is serious—well listen to what he has to say and go accordingly. You shouldn’t have to put up with pain and discomfort like that—take care of it NOW. 8)

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I’m with Zita get to a qualified Doctor sooner rather then later.