Bicep Tendinitis

I first hurt my shoulder back in the fall of '06. I tried throwing through it but had to stop because it was really painful. I had 2 MRI’s done which both came out negative, the doctor told me it was bicep tendinitis. I didnt pitch again till the end of 07 where I reaggravated my shoulder again. The doctor told me that the muscles around the shoulder were a little weak and to strengthen them. So I did rehab for about 2 months and it felt great. I hurt it again around february this year. It’s just a recurring injury. Right now though I can still pitch, it doesnt affect my velocity. Im still consistently upper 80’s with my fastball its just after I throw the pitch I feel it in my shoulder and I’m unable to long toss, but short range throwing im fine. I’m at a time right now where I cant take time off to rest it because im trying to compete for 1 of the 2 starting spots on my jc team. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on treatment, etc.

Since the problem keeps reoccuring, either something is wrong with your shoulder or you keep doing something to cause the injury to reoccur. Have you had your mechanics assessed to determine if you have a mechanical issue that could be causing the injury?

Maybe you need to get a second opinion.

Yeah, When I first hurt it my mechanincs were all over the place but now im pretty much straightened out. People tell me just to throw through it because it doesnt affect my velocity but im worried now because I cant stretch it out long anymore like I used to