Bicep tendinitis prevention/recovery/treatment

I found some threads related to bicep tendinitis, and the general advice, of course, is rest, ice, stretch, build strength. I wanted to start my own thread as to not piggyback another and get some more personalized advice.

A little history:

I don’t remember having this problem in little league, so I’m not sure if it was a change in my body or just the field growing as I entered highschool. I was average height and weight until about 12yrs old. In 9th grade, I started getting pains in my bicep that wouldn’t go away. I was 5’3" and ~190# - pretty chunky. In 10th grade, I was 5’7" and ~195# - little less chunky. I changed schools in 11th grade and didn’t play. I returned to my previous school for 12th grade at 6’2" and 285# - fat.

I was a catcher in little league, and only aspired to be a catcher in 9th grade for a short while. We had an upperclassman all-state hockey goalie that owned the position, and he was a wall. I was short, chubby, and couldn’t make clean throws to second. I moved to 2nd base, cause of my weak arm and good glove. My arm and weight (speed) always kept me from being a starter. The pain would get very bad, but some Advil would usually dull the pain enough to play, although there was still enough there to prevent me from progressing as a thrower.

The now:
I’m now 26 and playing in a pretty competitive adult league in Louisville, KY. I’m a lean 205# and I workout (usually) 5x a week with jump rope, Lifeline USA bands, and body weights. I started in the league about 3 weeks ago, and I thought that being in shape and working with the bands would provide enough strength and endurance for throwing (the bands are much easier on joints and tendons, and a better progression of resistance than iron). My arm started out pretty strong, but after 2 games my bicep tendinitis was back with a fury. What’s wierd is that intense workouts don’t bother it in the least – I’d practically forgotten about it. The only thing that triggers it (so far) is throwing. If it’s already aggrivated from throwing, a workout can aggrivate it, so I try to avoid the movements that do.

I bought a bucket of balls and am working on long toss at home (alone), trying to lengthen my arm muscles and improve my mechanics. I always start with arm circles, some light band work, and stretching (this routine is loosely based on Jaeger sports stuff I’ve seen). Without a coach/trainer/pro watching me throw, I know that my main problem is following through with my shoulder. I tend to pull it back or stop it right after the ball releases, so I’m working on that. Since I’ve been working on that, I’ve noticed some soreness in my shoulder, but I recognize it as muscle soreness. The tendinitis pain is distinctly different and far more severe/debilitation.

Sorry to be a little long-winded, but I wanted to give you some background, since I expect alot of “we’d need to see you throw” type of responses. On that note, I will try to get my wife to take a video of it as soon as the arm is up to it.