Bicep soreness

What do you recommend on how to deal with bicep soreness. The coach just shuts down the players from throwing.

Well you are looking at overall arm health exercises. Running after throwing, warming up properly, and throwing to warm up, not warming up to throw. Bands can help, some ice if necessary.

I’ve found massaging the bicep feels great, as well as icing. Combining the two in an ice massage makes it feel even better. Stretching it out as well will help it. A good bicep stretch involves sticking your arm out palm down. Go up to a fence and put your hand against it so that the thumb and pointer finger are in contact with the fence (palm still down) and turn your body away so that the bicep stretches out.

Focusing a little more on tricep strength helped me when I was in high school and had a bout of bicep trouble one summer. There may be a slight imbalance in the strength of your bi’s and tri’s…

Steven is correct that it could be an imbalance. But it could also be due to a mechanical issue and just shutting down isn’t going to fix the problem.