Bicep Pain?

I imagine this is a hard question to answer if you’ve never seen me throw but are there any common reasons for bicep pain from pitching?

I think it probably is related to how I throw my curve. I have been reading this site a lot and trying to improve my mechanics but I must be missing something.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you seen an M.D. or had any tests done?

Do you mean pain or soreness? Is it sharp or is it dull? Does it go away as the season goes on?

Soreness at the beginning of the season is normal. Pain that persists (or gets worse) over the course of the season is not.

I am not certain about this, and am not an M.D., but I suspect that bicep pain may be related to a flaw in your motion that is putting too much strain on your shoulder (into which the biceps muscle inserts). In particular, I suspect that it may be related to turning your shoulders before your arm is up and in the High Cocked position.

You might want to consider trying to delay slightly when you start to turn your shoulders. You might also want to consider have your elbow extended 135 degrees (leaning back toward 2B) rather than extended the more typical 90 degrees (pitching-side forearm vertical).

Thanks Chris…

I’m actually 32 years old and trying to pitch for the first time (first real attempt) playing in a stickball league using low-felt burnt tennis balls.

The pain is more dull than sharp and might be just associated with just getting started. I will take your advice about my elbow position in the meantime.

Thanks for your help-

It’s been my experience that bicep pain occurs early in the season, and when the biceps and triceps have been trained out of balance (i.e. an emphasis on the bi’s and not enough on the tri’s). As a result, when you introduce the throwing motion of, say, a tennis ball, as you’re using, there’s some stiffness (and even pain).

Keep stretching it out, of course. Pay attention to it (not that it’s easy to ignore arm pain), and if it persists, see a doc or athletic trainer.