Bicep pain

Sometimes after intense throwing/pitching my bicep really hurts and it also hurts to flex it. Is that a mechanical flaw of my arm motion, or throwing with too much arm, or tendinitis, throwing too much? thanks

do you get pain when you throw?

sometimes when i’m throwing hard and a lot

its a tendon under/in ur bicep

not sure what its called

i had it to, its mainly a mix of throwing all arm and bad mechs?

Ok I know why you get that pain when you try to throw really hard. It’s because you rush a little and you open yup and your arm doesn’t get into power position and it is still on it’s way up. Take it a little slower with lower body if that happens.

now it could be because of follow throught, or arm action that causes you to feel pain. If you go to chris oleary web site and look at his topic on rushing you will see what rushing lower body can do. When you Rush the arm you loose MPH and it put’s stress on the arm.

Rushing = over throwing you can do it with a slow or fast delivery