bicep pain

My son is 12 1/2 and has been training 2x a week 30 minute pitching lesson with an instructor since December. He throws in the mid to upper 60s. On Saturday he was doing some long toss and complained of soreness in his bicep - in the middle of bicep. His lesson was shut down and now 48 hours later he says the pain level is a 4 out of 10 after 24 hours it was a “6 or 7”. He iced it at took Advil - I never exceed the pitching count limit set by LL. My ? is - Is this a common injury and what caused it ? He has pitched without pain or discomfort in his pitching arm since age 10.

While I won’t pretend to be a doctor, it sounds like a muscle pull. There are a variety of things that could have lead up to it. Again, you would know better about the events leading up to the injury. Some things to review might be possible insufficient general rest, improper days of rest after prior session, fatigue from other current activities, inadequate warm-up, failure of your son to report the first signs of soreness, etc.

If it’s not swollen, you might try some heat to increase the blood flow to the area to stimulate the repair / healing along with the anti-inflammatory analgesic of your choice. I certainly would not throw until the pain is gone and I would take it easy at least for the first few sessions after it’s feeling better.

Depending on how far into the spring training program you are, it might just be necessary to start off slow and repeat your progression to this point.

Pain beyond a few days would probably indicate a trip to his primary care physician.

I am, in no way, prescribing a course of treatment. I’m just merely stating what I would look into and what I would do if it were my son based on past experiences.

Thanks for your reply - I have cancelled his lesson for Tuesday and will wait and see how he feels towards the end of the week. I’m not going to let him throw again until he is pain free. He has worked very hard this off season I would hate to see it go down the tubes. He has tremendous flexibility he is at a full 90 degrees at delivery so based on your comments the pain is most likely a result of inadequate warm-ups and to many long tosses