Bicep pain

Lately I have been getting alot of pain in my bicep after throwing 8 or so pitches. Is this just muscle strain or could this be a fault in my mechanics. By the way I just changed my armslot from a high 3/4 to an almost side arm 3/4 because i have more control, speed, and it is easy on my elbow, could this just be getting used to a new arm slot?

Low 3/4 as in submarine like a 1/4 lol. But I get pain in my bicep too but I think its because I lift often and when I warm up I stretch my shoulder and not any tendens and muscles near my bicep.

My arm slot is like 4-5" above side arm not below.

Same here

Where is the pain? Top of bicep toward shoulder? Botom of bicep toward elbow? How old are you?

i would get it top bicep to the elbow.

Pain or discomfort in the biceps can be the result of poor physical conditioning, stress loads maxing out the tolerance level that these muscles can endure, or the total or major dependency on this/these, muscle/muscle group to perform.

Biceps are primarily designed for pulling. Hence, when in the act of throwing or pitching, reliance on this muscle or muscle group to take on 100% or anything close to it, is stretching the limits of not only the muscle/muscle groups endurance, but its primary design and purpose.

Take a look at this muscle and its overall composition with respect to the rest of the arm. It’s very small and not designed to function totally in the act of pitching - all by itself. It is, however, totally capable of reinforcing the total package (you) while incorporating other muscle(s) groups in the total pitching cycle.

Your legs, pelvic muscle group, abdominal and upward muscle groups and skeleton frame are prime acceptors of loading and stress management. They can accept - when properly nourished and conditioned for athletic activity, all the demands that you ask of them. But remember, if you’re a growing youngster you’re going to be physically immature in many of the muscle groups that your arms and shoulders are going to depend on the “help” them along with your pitching experience.

So, I would suggest incorporating more, a lot more, of your total body into your pitching cycle, especially at the delivery and release end of things. I wish I could offer you better definitions and advice, perhaps other contributors in the youth game can chime in and support your fact-finding.

Coach B