Bicep Pain when pitching, bicep tendinitis?

I believe I have bicep tenditis. Whenever I throw the ball hard or whenever I pitch my lower bicep and upper forearm start hurting a lot. It gets to the point where I can’t throw more than 30 pitches without severe pain and it is not getting any better.

I’ve read online it could be a couple things:
-improper warmup
-bad mechanics
-weak cuff/scap stabilizers muscles
-weak and imbalanced tricep

I don’t think it can be improper warmup because I warm up well and stretch before I throw. And I thought it was bad mechanics,but I spent the last two months experimenting different ideas. I’m getting my arm up in time and I’ll be honest my mechanics are pretty good. I’m betting it has to be the 3rd or 4th option. But which one is it? Where do I go from here?

All four are correctable. We can’t suggest remedy for what we can’t see. What did your doctor suggest was causing the condition?

I haven’t gone to a doctor because it only hurts when I throw and I don’t want to waste time and money going to somebody who isn’t a sports specialist.

My question is, what can I do to strengthen my rotator cuff and scap?

There’s a guy named Cavalier, I think it’s Jeff. He has some band and dumbbell workouts that focus on the cuff and scap.

Do you think they could fix my bicep/forearm pain?

Go see a trainer or a sports Doc they can answer all your questions.