Bicep pain, Only when pitching off a mound

Hey guys, I have a weird situation. When i throw a flat pen or longtoss ect. i have no pain what so ever, Nothing. My arm feels fine but one i go to throw a bullpen off a mound, i start to get lower bicep pain, its not really pain. It just feels like it gets swollen and will throb for a little. Can anyone help me out. Thankss

Your best option is to go see a doctor. One whose in sports medicine/orthopedics. They can help determine the cause of pain better than us here on the forum.


I agree, get checked by an ortho just to be safe.

Another possibility is that off the mound you could be aiming the ball down to throw to a spot and squeezing the ball causing your arm to tense through your motion.

When you’re throwing on the flat or long tossing your arm may be less tense cause you may not be throwing to a spot.