Bicep Forearm Pain (Need Help!)


I am a pitcher/middle infielder on my 14u baseball team and I am currently experiencing bicep/tricep and forearm pain. It has been going on for a year (since August last year), stopped during winter/early spring and is now back latter spring/summer. I visited a well known doctor and he told me i had Minor separation in my growth plate. By the way i never had pain in my elbow. Anyways once again it was minor and I am doubting if there ever was separation. I went through PT and did the throwing program designed by Dr. James Andrews. I am now back and still experiencing the same pain in my lower bicep/tricep, upper forearm(not the elbow) I don’t throw any curveball/slider, just a circle change for off speed and of course a 4 seam. On a 1-10 scale the pain is a 7. It also is extremely painful when i sleep and stops when i stop throwing for 20-30 mins. Is this fatigue or a bicep strain? Plz help i need a fix and must be ready for high school tryouts in January. Thanks!

Growth plate separations are confirmed via x-rays and graded on the Salter-Harris scale. Certain types of separations are further confirmed by taking x-rays of both elbows and measuring the thickness of the growth plates. That is pretty cut and dry.

Recovery from a growth plate separation usually involves rest. I assume you rested for 8 weeks or so before starting PT. Even that might not be enough - it’s been my experience that growth plate injuries can linger so you need to ease your way back into your activities.

Have you had your mechanics evaluated? You could have a mechanical issue that is causing or contributing to the pain.

Now, having said all of that, pain that is a 7 out of 10 says you really need to go back to the doctor and get checked out again.